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simple and effective promo solution
баннеры is the most simple and yet effective solution for your promotion in the social networks. Only for $5 of monthly charge you get a reliable assistant, that will 24 hours a day and 7 days a week work on the promotion of your accounts and the increase of your fan-base. does not provide you with bot subscribers, what it does is applying simple and easy-to-use strategies of promotion, which help attract the attention of real users towards your accounts, thus increasing the odds for a subscription.

Thanks to you get daily and constant increase in the number of real followers, who are truly interested in your creative work, as well as a chance to dissimilate your information among much wider auditoriums.

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Only real followers, no robots
Only real followers, no robots
Asmenog does not provide you with robot followers. applies simple promotion strategies, which are aimed at attracting the attention of real users towards your accounts. Thus, you get only truly interested followers, who willingly and consciously subscribe to your accounts in the social networks.
Simplicity and complete automation
Simplicity and complete automation allows anyone to engage in promotion, even without having any specific technical knowledge. The working process with is simple and intuitive, and most importantly, it takes you less than an hour of your time per month.
Promotion security
All the promotion strategies, offered at, have been previously tested on dozens of accounts, thus guaranteeing a high level of security for your promotion.
тизер 2
Track the increase of your fan-base, get the analysis of which processes provide with the best results; all due to detailed stats on Make use of for only $4,99 per account.